Does Ultrasonic Cavitation work?

Well, after many hours of research on Ultrashape (ultrasonic cavititation – destruction of fat cells with ultrasound) and not coming up with much in the way of reviews, I thought I’d share my experience in depth and with pictures so that anyone else in a similar position as me can see for themselves whether or not it’s worth the time and money.

I suppose I’d better give you all the background story.  After having 2 kids and carrying around an extra 10 – 12 kg for 6 years or so and being totally disgusted with myself, I finally realised that no one else can make the fat go away but me.  So I embarked on a fitness journey in January 2010 which leaves me at 58kg, almost flat stomach and I can now see my hip bones.  Unfortunately my boobs seem to have all but disappeared too, but hey, I can live with that.  I hate bras anyway.  The one area that the fat refuses to budge from is my inner thighs.  I have lost major centimetres from everywhere but there and they still rub together.  Besides looking a bit disproportionate with the rest of me,  it pisses me off!

So that brings me to today.  Today I went for a consultation at a salon to see if I’d be a suitable candidate for the Ultrashape treatment.  I will divulge the where and how much after the treatment is complete.

I filled in some basic information on a form and then a consultant took me into a room with quite a few fancy machines that do all sorts of wonderful things to your body (supposedly).  Surprisingly, she didn’t actually look at the area I wanted done, but I did end up grabbing a handful of fat from out of my shorts and showed her at one stage, just to make sure she knew where I was coming from.  She seemed to think a package of 6 – 10 treatments, twice a week would be needed, with results showing after the first treatment. Apparently it takes anywhere from 30 – 60 mins per treatment, is virtually painless and there is no downtime. I was surprised also that she thought I needed that many treatments, considering I don’t have a huge amount of fat to get rid of, but I’m going to take it as we’re going to blast those bastard fat cells to kingdom come and be left with the bare minimum.

I have tried my darndest to get nice legs the hard way and achieved nothing so I signed up for the 6 treatment package starting next Monday . This will be interesting as from the limited information I did find, it was mainly recommended to have treatments at least a week apart.  Anyway, this place guarantees results or your money back, so I have nothing to lose really.  I sorta wish I could have started today!


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  1. Hi Sunday… great start to a story, but where is the follow up? I am very interested to hear how it all went for you.

  2. Helloes girls!

    Yes, I am also one who seeks to the answer – does it work?

    I’ve had one treatment at a salon and the doctor actually told me not to expect magic the cavitation machine manufacturers promise.

    If any, I have noticed very little difference in the way my bum looks after one treatment.

  3. I had treatment in a salon and after three treatments there was no change in my appearance. Very disappointed and felt like I waisted my money. My therapist also informed me to not expect miracles and that I have to watch what I eat and do more exercising.

    • I’ve found that most salon clients get cheated with this a bit because the salons either don’t follow the procedure protocol or don’t give you enough pulses per procedure or use the machines on a very low level.
      I’ve bought a home-use cavitation device for myself few weeks ago. You can see my review on Amazon UK:

      you have to use it quite a lot but it does work and on areas where exercise has never made any difference. I exercise maybe once a week and haven’t changed my eating habits. At all.

      I’ve bought it for 360 USD (with shipping) through staright from China and I’m quite happy already although it will probably take another 2-3 months until I’m where I want to be.

      Hope this helps someone.

  4. I too would love to know what the outcome was to the treatment! I am in a similar boat, 2 kids and carting around 6 kgs that won’t budge! Hate exercise (who doesn’t?) and would love the easy way out!

  5. Vicki Hochman

    Im starting 6 treatments next week for my stomach area. Bought it on a Groupon so I paid $500. Ill let you all know after the treatments. Not feeling too positive after reading the comments but Ill due my part and hope for the best.

    • Hi vicki.

      How did it go? I was thinking of doing the Groupon voucher deal as well. Has it been worth it for you?

      Kind regards


      • Vicki Hochman

        NO it was a complete waste of time

      • I don’t trust the salons with this as they would set the energy level at minimum to keep you coming back. However the procedure (cavitation) does work. Get yourself the device and some ultrasonic gel and do it yourself at home. You’ll see it working. It’s been 5 months since I bought my device and I can tell that my tummy area only fully adjusted now as I haven’t been very active physically. It takes time and effort but it does work, especially if you mix it with some agressive vacuum massage. That you can go to salon for because if it hurts, you’l know the vacuum massage is working.
        This is the seller I used myself and I have 0 complaints:

  6. Hmmm, i went in for a 30 min cavitation session followed by a 30 minute lymphatic massage on my hips. The next day my skin was all swollen from the massage (the massage is pretty intense) and then once it all calmed down, i was 2.5′ smaller.

    I am going back for more in another week or two. I would have gone back the following week but i dont really want to send my body into shock as i have the flu at the same time. I am not sure that eliminating that about of toxins and the flu can be good for me.

    Maybe it was a combination of both that helped shift 10 years of bulge. I have recommended it to a couple of girlfriends and they have tried them both together and they are loosing inches as well.

    • Bailey where are you having this done (salon and area of your body) and how much does it cost you?? My things are really depressing me 😦

  7. Hi ladies, I was a real sceptic until i put my mind to it and just thought id try a package. i found a great place through a friend of mine shes been going for yearsssss… I bought a 6 pack for $600 which is dirt cheap compared to other salons I locked into. These guys use a Australian made medical grade fat cav which has been TGA and FDA approved. I thought if iam going to spend so much money ill do my research. I lost 5.5 cm of my first treatment, the fat cav goes for about 30 – 45 mins and then they put you in a infra red detox blanket that burns an addional 600 calories, you’re in there for about 20mins or so. I must say it’s worth the time and money and I love the results but then again I would of tried anything just to shift that post pregnancy belly :/ the place i went to is in melbourne fitzroy

  8. Whatever happened to Sundaylover72 ? Told us all she was having 6 treatments , that was way back in MAY, now she’s never come back to ” enlighten ” us with how it went !
    Straaaaaaaange !!!!!
    I’ve been considering buying a course of treatments from one of the MANY buying sites… Groupon have one today, 5 treatments for $139. It sounds nuts that people on here have said the technician who does it ” turns down the frequency ” to keep you coming back ! There would be NO way in hell of me returning , if after 5 or 6 treatments I saw NO result !
    Anyway, if I purchase and do all 5 , I will let you know how I got on !!!!

  9. Hi Samantha,

    I did come back in November and update…

    Nothing much more to tell from there really. Anything that the cavitation did to my legs is long gone now. I can’t afford to keep up treatments so I just keep working out and have accepted the fact that I’m the way I’m supposed to be!

    Good luck if you decide to go ahead with any treatments! 🙂

  10. Hi all, I’ve just bought a cavitation machine off ebay, and I’m apprehensive too, but at £175, suppose its better than getting the treatments, as for most area’s you can do it yourself
    I just followed a youtube video for direction and timings, also got a tub of gel since the cav machine didnt have any, and there are some very expensive ones out there.
    You pick which one you want, im not plugging an advertisement to you
    Gel on website

  11. One thing to mention, the fat deposits are dissolved and reprocessed by your bodies lymphatic system, portions of it pass through your body waste and others are re merged back to other parts of the body, so you need to keep doing exercise and healthy eating, Ive taken up spinning and that’s murder on its own.

  12. I did the 1st cavitation. three days after I need follow protein diet(no fat, no carbs, no coffee, no fruit). it is a hard partfor me. does somebody follow the diet?

  13. Im a guy and to be very honest and upfront, I tried this and am now on my 7th visit! Results are zero!
    I have lost nothing significant at all despite eating a great diet etc etc…
    This just does not work.

  14. Tried 12 treatments thru the slimline clinic in Milton Keynes. Utter waste of time and money. Did everything they recommended – cut down carbs, fatty foods, increased vegetables, water and did a helluva lot more exercise. Lost weight everywhere else but the area targeted by the cavitation treatment, namely my tummy. I am now attempting to get a refund because I don’t think the treatment lived up to the hype. I feel a but fleeced out of my money and the company was not interested in my complaints.

  15. Hello,

    I just want to say that I had ten sessions done. It does work but, do not expect a miracle. This is NOT for people that are over weight & it is NOT to loose weight! This is to target those areas that even when you exercise you cannot see any results. Anyhow, I too like everyone else thought I had wasted my money even after the fifth session. I have to say that I started to notice results at about the eighth session. That was week 4 for me. I would of loved to have done ten more sessions but, it’s really expensive and I got a great deal. The ten sessions were

  16. $800 because a friend knew this lady but, they were charging $1,500 for ten sessions in this clinic. So, I decided to buy the machine so I can use it at home. Let’s see how it goes got it a couple of days back.

  17. Dave,

    How did you get on with your machine?

    Im currently researching which one to buy from ebay or one of the suppliers who advertise on ebay.

    Thinking of getting the larger one that are more in the £400 – 500 price range, which has a mechanical massager etc with it.

    Feel free to drop me an email if you see this.

    Anyone else with info on using and purchasing these can also reply.


  18. I own a salon in Winchester in the UK and we do Cavitation. There are some interesting points raised in this blog. Firstly the machine looked Generic and not Ultrashape branded cavitation machine. Unfortunately there are many cheep unbranded machines coming in from China and they don’t work. I get emails offering various Chinese cheep beauty equipment daily! If this is the case here then the salon will have had no training on that machine, they will at best have received a badly written instruction manual! If in doubt you can ask to see the training certificate. All the legitimate manufacturers will provide certificated training for anyone buying a machine. They sometimes have a salon locator on their website to check who in your area genuinely offers their treatment or call them to verify. It is unfortunately very common for salons to advertise brands they don’t use.

    Secondly, cavitation works, but like any treatment there are a few people who will not have any significant results. Some people are extremely resistant to losing body fat. Menopause, insulin resistance etc can all have an effect. We tell clients to eat less carbohydrate whilst undergoing treatment and that really helps. Plenty fresh vegetables, good quality protein and go really easy on bread, pasta, white rice and sugary products. We used to do laser lipo and we switched to cavitation as it does get better results.

  19. Catchy, the interesting thing about my experience is that I lost weight everywhere but the area targeted by the machine. I started Zumba classes a few weeks before the cavitation sessions and that seemed to do more good than the machine. In my case I fully believe it was the short amounts of time they were using the machine on my targeted area. During one session I had to tell the girl to stop moving it over my ribs because it hurt, and it hurt for about three days afterwards. A wasted session, I think. So I’m not one of those people who don’t lose writ, but I know I lose it slowly. With the combo of cavitation, exercise and diet you would think I would lose a lot more than I actually did.

  20. Sorry I meant Cathy…

  21. Hi Sunday, I’ve had a bit if a battle with cancer and low thyroid that has left me 30kg over weight and struggling to lies it. I saw you managed to lose weight with 2 hours / day exercise, can you tell me much about what you actually did and any changes you made to your diet & lifestyle? Thanks heals, Kristeen

    • Hi Kristeen, sorry to hear you’ve been through a tough time. I’m not a gym person so I got myself a Wii “game” called My Fitness Coach (it’s only about $20) because I needed some structure. It really helped motivate me and gave me a variety of workouts so I didn’t get too bored. You can choose workout times of 15 minutes up to 1.5 hours, so if you feel a bit tired, you can just choose a short workout (maybe do another later?) You can also use it with a small amount of space, which was very handy. I also took the dog for lots of walks on the beach and got rid of sugar from my diet (well A LOT of it). There’s also an app called My Net Diary, which I used to track calories and exercise. That helped a lot.

      I only weighed myself once a week and took photos so I could see my progress. It’s pretty great to look back and see how your work paid off!

      My advice would be to start slowly. If you take away everything you love and push yourself ridiculously hard at first, you will not enjoy yourself. It wasn’t long before I actually woke up itching to work out!

      I wish you all the best in your journey, feel free to drop by and let me know how you’re doing. 🙂

  22. I have been for my consultation at a clinic in east midlands and was very determined to sign me up and take payment with discount given. Vacuum suction sounds Brill but my partner said to do a bit more research before parting with his hard earned money, so that’s what am doing now. Am not too sure as I am not slim and sure this treatment says not recommended if you are over weight, during my consultation I did ask a lot of questions but the lady reassured me it would work no matter what size you are, am not too sure. Need some advice please.

    • I’m going to be honest with you. Save your money. You need to start with diet first and foremost – it is the ONLY way you will start to actually lose weight and the only way you will keep it off for good. I’ve had glandular fever for the best part of this year, so my diet and exercise regime suffered as I was just exhausted all the time. I haven’t put on any weight, but lost muscle and now have fat sitting on my hips and thighs. I know the only way to lose it is to start eating properly and to get into an exercise routine. I will never try cavitation again, it’s just not feasible.

  23. This is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

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