First treatment

Today I had my first treatment.  After signing some forms to say I’m not hiding any illness that might make me die in their care I was taken to a room and asked to take my jeans off so some measurements and photos could be taken.  The top of my thighs are 57 cm and have been since June last year. I have before pics I took this morning.

I did notice that the machine is not an ‘Ultrashape’  branded machine, it looks quite generic.   Anyway,  after the photos were done, up I hopped onto the table and laid back to have some cold, gooey gel put on my first thigh.  The machine quickly warmed it up and was painless.  I could hear a high pitched noise and could feel little ‘pricks’ sort of like static electricity. After about 15 minutes it was time for the other leg and another 15 minutes it was all over.  I was told to go for a half hour walk and make sure I drink plenty of water and to not eat any bad foods as it would undo everything she just did.

I rushed home (and drunk over half a litre of water on the way) to the measuring tape to see if a miracle had happened.  Nope.  Bugger.  I went for my walk (the dog needed one anyway) and came home and ate a plate of veggies and a small handful of pasta.  Measured again before my shower.  Nope. *sigh*.

It does state on their website: “Up to 16cm loss from one treatment! Too good to be true? That’s why we guarantee our results. We Offer An Incredible Money Back Guarantee If You Do Not Get any Results From Your First Treatment!!!!”

Might have to bring that up at my next session which is on Wednesday.  They are throwing in some other infra red treatment which will supposedly stimulate the lymphatic system and enable the body to release the toxins.  Hopefully I’ll have some good results after that.


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  1. Hi – how did the test of the treatments go? I’m looking into getting cavitation done for my love handles but need some indication that it does work!

    • If you want to get it done, do your research and get it done somewhere that uses a well known machine such as UltraShape would be my advice. I would want to see plenty of good testimonials too and even before and after pictures.

      The place I went to used a no name brand machine and I don’t think it was set high enough to get quick results. They just wanted me to come back and give them more money. If I lived closer to a major city I would have gone somewhere different.

      • Hi
        Happy New Year! So I’m guessing your body contouring treatment using Ultrasonic Cavitation turned out to be “too good to be true” & you did not get results? Im interested in your experience as I’m about to buy 20 sessions for my own trouble spots. I hope you have time for a quick reply. Thanks, Joanne

      • Happy New Year to you too!

        It’s hard to tell if the results were from the cavitation as I was exercising up to 2 hours a day and eating very healthily. Once I dropped back my exercise, within 6 months the fat was back. Unless you can afford regular maintenance treatments I think it’s probably not worth it.

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