Not much to report…

Well, had another treatment on Wednesday, today is Friday and still nothing has changed. I’ve been good with my diet and have been drinking LOTS of water to help my liver. I have lost a bit of weight which is a bonus, but I don’t really need to. I have read that some people don’t see results for a few weeks so I’m clinging to that.  Bit disappointed as I’ve read so many stories where people have noticed results straight after the first treatment.


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  1. Hi there…I have done alot of study on the fat cavitation machines and the way to use these…alot of people have these machines but they are not all the same and some just do not have the right amount of power to do the job properly. I had a treatment to see how it went before i purchased my machine and lost 2 cm off each thigh…i only had the fronts done so was happy with the results. If the machine is the right power and frequency you should have seen a minimum of 2cm in the first session. If after 3 sessions you dont see a difference you should consider asking for your money back. A good way to see if it really works is to have 3 sessions on one leg and compare both legs then do the other one..i know its a pain but its the only real way to see if works Please let me know how you get on..My machine arrived today and i already have people calling me to book in treatments..i wont be doing anything until i have done at least 6 trial and can be happy my clients will be happy. Best of luck. Denise…Melbourne

    • Hi Denise – good info! What machine did you end up buying? Were there certain specs such as frequency (20/30/40 khz?) or power that you specifically looked for? Am in Australia too so would be interested in hearing if you were successful in getting a good machine.


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