Did it work?

Well, according to my measurements  of one particular area on my thighs, no, but according to the salon’s measurements and photos, yes.  See for yourself.  I must admit I’m still skeptical.  To me, I still look the same in my mirror and my tape measure is telling me the same story it did 3 weeks ago.

Before and after 6 treatments Ultrasonic Cavitation over 3 weeks

Was it worth $1000 odd?  Depends on how much money you have I suppose!  For me no.  I would have been happy to pay half that though. It was recommended that I have ‘maintenance’ treatments every month or so, but at around $200 a pop, it’s just unrealistic.


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  1. So no difference at all? Did you get your money back?

  2. I have tried twice and no change, they told me to sign for 6 minimum – i think I am wasting my money and time.

  3. Thank you for posting your experience for the world to see, that must be a little strange but I for one appreciate it, since as you noticed, no one seems to be offering actual reviews of this process.

    It sounds like the extra weight you lost (and the potential added space between the thighs, which is always questionable depending on how we stand down to a millimeter) may be due to their recommended diet of “eat right and drink plenty of water” – what convenient instructions!

    Anyway, congrats on the weight loss, take care of yourself and keep up the good work!

  4. I can see now, it did work! Congratulations on your effort! I understand how hard it is to see the difference your self, but from outside I can see a big difference :). Thanks for sharing!!

  5. I do see a difference in both photo pairs so I’m guessing it’s not about how you were standing. But it isn’t miracles that they promise… (Sorry)

    I only had one procedure at a salon to see how it works but I deffinitelly wasn’t promissed any miraculous results. More like the opposite. Also, for cellulite reduction, the doctor (yes, actual dermatologist) suggested to mix cavitation procedures with vacuum massage, so I had 7min cavitation + 7min vacuum massage for each buttock.
    I see no results, perhaps the skin got a bit smoother.

    I’m contemplating purchasing a home-use ultracavitation devise called U-Style (around $510). I was wondering if using it every other week would get rid of the stuborn inner thigh fat deposits and my “stress belly”. Otherwise I’m just looking to imptove the skin texture on my legs as I don’t believe in all those cellulite gels etc.

    $510 is not little but considering you paid $1000 for a one-off course I might take the risk sometime…
    I suspect that perhaps the salons actually do this procedure at low energy levels on purpose so that you don’t get super fast results. Obviously they’re more interested in selling 6-12 procedures in two months rather than 2 in a year.

    I shall research ultracavitation a bit more.

  6. melissa nikolai

    thank you very much for taking the time and energy to share your experience. You saved me a chunk of money. Melissa

  7. Finally a blog which told me something useful! Thanks for posting this – really helpful and if you want to try any other treatments… 🙂

  8. thanks for your time in sharing.

  9. Thankyou for your posting, that took a lot of time and emotional energy. Really appreciate it:-)

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  11. I was tempted to try this procedure but I had second thoughts when the vendor on groupon didn’t know that you can’t use this ultrasonic on bony part of the body like your back.obviously she’s not acting like a consultant for her biz.i asked my hubby about this and he said its not true that this ultrasound cavitaion will dissolve fats.there you go he’s right.thanks FYI 🙂 im not giving my money away.ill just go back to kickboxing n swimming workout.

    • Good idea. I was exercising up to 2 hours a day when I was having the treatments so I’m not sure whether it really was the cavitation or my dedication! I just don’t have time anymore to work out so much – be lucky to get 2 hours a week now – so my thighs are back to what they were.

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