Monthly Archives: November 2011

All in all?

By June I was down to just over 56kg (probably a bit too skinny – got addicted to exercise!) but went on holiday and seemed to lose motivation for eating well and exercising so I have gained 3kg and my thighs look exactly the same as they did before I had the cavitation done.  They do say  you have to watch what you eat, but in saying that, the information  you read on the internet says that once the cells are destroyed, they’re gone forever. Who do you believe?  I have also found too that I seem to hold a lot of water in my thighs.  I can measure in the morning and be 3cm bigger by the evening.

I also think that it depends on your body too.  Every person’s makeup is different, so not everyone is going to experience the same results, so if you’re really keen on doing it, do your research, find a place that specialises in this treatment and has proof to show you that it works.  Don’t waste your money unless they guarantee their results and make sure you take your own measurements before and after to compare with theirs.